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  • Energy ⇡

    Raw buckweat and eucalyptus honey, sourced directly from the beekeeper. Ranks highest of all honey types in antioxidants and nutritional value.

  • Immunity ✳︎

    A shot a day keeps the bad stuff away. Clear sinuses and boost immunity.

    Cold pressed ginger, lemon and turmeric.

  • Balance ☯︎

    8 of the world's most powerful superfoods, in one packet.

    Snap the ayurvedic herbal remedy in your favorite coffè or tea.

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  • Peruvian Ginger

    Sourced the highest quality ginger directly from farmers in South America, rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. The ginger is pressed right at our manufacturing site the day of your order.

  • Raw and Unfiltered Honey

    We source honey that is highest in nutritional value directly from local beekeeepers making sure it is raw, pure, and untouched straight from the hive.

  • Turmeric

    From the remote rolling hills of Vietnam and India, this high-grade Ayurvedic herb protects the human body from free radical damage and aids in reducing inflamation in joints.

  • Lisbon Lemons

    A high source of Vitamin C, our Floridan Lemons are squeezed fresh at our manufacturing site less than a week before your order making sure it retains 96% of it's nutritional value when at your door steps.

  • Royal Jelly

    Royal jelly is a substance fed to only the Queen Bee of the hive, and is a high source of protein and nutrients. It's been shown to improve hormonal balance and brain health due to rare beneficial compounds, like 10-HDA. This substance is most widely used to improve cognition.

  • Cayenne Pepper

    Helps improve digestive health and relieves migranes by increasing blood circulation.

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