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''Live and Let Live'

I've grown up with the principles of 'live and let live' to value every life no matter how small. So, when I took a trip down to Northern Connecticut with my family to see a beekeeper 'cleaning out his hives,' I realized that meant taking piles of dead bees that didn't make it through the winter, and throwing them into the bushes.

I still relive this moment sometimes and left that farm with a purpose. To save our bees. I joined my high school science research program and conducted a study on eliminating varroa mite infestations from honeybee hives, the root cause of Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD), using a 3-d printed thymol-coated entranceway. I set up an experimental hive in my backyard and although this wasn't the sole purpose, I used to take raw honey and royal jelly straight from the hive, and mix it with ginger and turmeric to create an elixir immunity shot, a recipe passed down from my grandmother. 

Little by little...

When my beehive died from CCD and I couldn't create the elixir shot anymore, I looked to the market for similar products but wasn't able to find anything. During this time, Covid hit and the lab shut down, halting all experiments.

This is when I started questioning why it was just beekeepers who have the power to make an positive impact on our bee population, shouldn't everyone be able to make a difference?

As a string of sequence would have it, I thought what if I commercialize this health and wellness shot providing good-for-you supplements to consumers, and in an effort to save the bees and restore our environment, a pollinator tree is planted for every bottle sold. 

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Our Mission

I don't want to be always be known as the girl who saves the bees, because I hope at one point they don't need to be saved anymore. But for now, I will proudly hold this title. 

I have a goal of planting 100 million trees through QueenBee. Many would call this overly-ambitious but I want to prove that sustainability and profit are not inversely proportional and that although I recognize it’s not easy, I know it's possible with your support.

Fun fact: I am allergic to bees, and only found out after getting a hive and having 10,000 bees flying around in my backyard! 

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