Our Founding Story

Supporting the livelyhood of farmers

Our ingredients come from the rolling hills of Peru, the endless lush green fields of India, buzzing hives in the Brazillian Rainforest. We source with intention and care, because what you put in your body matters.

honeybee on white daisy flowers

We take care of our bees

We never overharvest from our hives. We always ensure that our apiaries arer far away from harmful chemicals. We give more than we take - our bees are given the ultimate care and attention and are fed nothing but they're own food.

'Live and Let Live'

Queen Bee was founded with the mission to save the bees, and it's going to end with the mission to save the bees. The fundemental principle of what this brand is based upon is to live and let live, to respect all forms of life no matter how small. We donate to honeybee research facilities and to support our pollinators.