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Meet Our Founder

''Live and Let Live'

I've grown up with the principles of 'live and let live' to value every life no matter how small. So, when I took a trip down to Northern Connecticut with my family to see a beekeeper 'cleaning out his hives,' I realized that meant taking piles of dead bees that didn't make it through the winter, and throwing them into the bushes.

This experience ignited my passion to save the bees, and prompted my hobby as a beekeeper. I quickly became aware of all the nutritional beneifits of honey bee byproducts, specifically pure honey and royal jelly.

During Covid, there was also an increased interest in using natural plants and remedies to boost immunity, and Ayurveda; a practice used widely in India is the leader in this space.

So, I thought what if I serve the public by bringing India's generational Ayurvedic remedies, also used within my family four generations and with the added beneifit of raw and pure honeybee by products, supporting local beekeepers and encouraging more pollination for our Earth.